2015 Global Summit a Success

The 2015 Lymphoma Coalition (LC) Global Summit was a great success! 41 attendees from 21 countries gathered in Orlando, Florida. Member organisations spent two full days learning from each other, sharing best practice, hearing from professionals on the latest therapies and research, as well as participating in a psychosocial workshop that focused on how to help with chronic cancer-related fatigue, anxiety and depression. The Global Summit was packed full of learning and information for attendees to take back to their local organisations and for use in their day-to-day lives.


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FROM LEFT TO RIGHT:  Front row: Sarper Diler (Turkey), Karen Van Rassel (LC), Guy Bouguet (France), Pru Etcheverry (New Zealand), Susan Thornton (USA), Rosmarie Pfau (Switzerland), Jonathan Pearce (UK)Second Row: Brian Tomlinson (USA), Anita Waldmann (Germany), Daphne Springer (Barbados), Hyacinth Grimes (Barbados), Vandana Gupta (India), Jill Folan (USA), Sara McKinnie (USA) Third Row: Peggy Ann Torney (USA), Meghan Gutierrez (USA), Betsy Dennison (USA), Patricia Koffman (USA), Silvia Ferreira (USA), Sharon Millman (Australia), Robin Markowitz (Canada) Fourth Row: Carl Harrington (USA), Biba Dodeva (Macedonia), Daniele Angiolelli (Italy), Brian Koffman (USA), Yolima Mendéz Camacho (Colombia), Merula Steagall (Brazil), Natacha Bolaños Fernandez (Spain), Giora Sharf (Israel) Back Row: Charlotte Roffaien (LC), Karolis Ažukaitis (Lithuania), Blaž Kondža (Slovenia), Snezana Djordevic (Australia), Lauren Pretorius (South Africa), Martha Eustace (LC), Stanislava Ilarionova (Bulgaria), Martin Margaritov Monov (Bulgaria) 


Leip Report

The 2015 Lymphoma eInformation Project (LeIP) Report Card on Lymphomas was launched at the Global Summit and handed out at the LC booth during the American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference that followed the Global Summit. The report examines access to care for Hodgkin and mantle cell lymphomas focusing on clinical trials and therapies, incidence and mortality rates, and the quality-of-life issues that confront patients during their journey. Through the research, it became clear that breaking out data by subtype is critical. NHL is not a disease in itself but a series of subtypes that need to be independently tracked to ensure proper analysis and reporting. To download the 2015 LeIP Report Card on Lymphomas click here.

“Lots & lots of very useful info and updates.”


Lyfe App

Lymphoma Coalition was also pleased to actively promote the first and only mobile application dedicated to quality of life issues faced by those with Hodgkin lymphoma. The LyfeTM app is a comfortable place for HL patients and their caregivers, family and friends to hang out and find psychosocial support and guidance no matter where they are in their journey.

This support takes the following forms:


·         Articles (quality of life, supportive tips on how to deal with different aspects of the patient journey, links to member organisations)

·         Resources (calming sounds/mindful/meditation tools, link to LC Global Database)

·         Community (build their own profile, share stories, connect with other patients and caregivers)


The LyfeTM app is free and is available for download from Google Play and the App Store.


On behalf of all the members of LC, we wish you a very happy and restful holiday. We appreciate all that you do to support the lymphoma patient community. Looking forward to a successful 2015 working alongside each other.

“Fantastic networking opportunities. I have learned about different foundations/NGOs and the challenges they face.”


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