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A Patient’s Guide

Cutaneous Lymphoma – A Patient’s Guide

Cutaneous (or skin) lymphoma is a very rare lymphoma subtype with some distinct characteristics that set it apart from most other lymphomas, not least its physical presentation, possible treatment modalities and associated psycho-social issues. For this reason, in mid-2018 Lymphoma Coalition Europe (LCE) started work on the Spreading the Word project to help patient groups and patient/caregivers in Europe develop a better understanding of this challenging subtype and make available more easily accessible patient information.

Working with the global Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation (CLF), LCE abridged and adapted CLF’s Cutaneous Lymphoma Patient’s Guide publication for use in a European setting, including through using additional material from Lymphoma Action’s (the UK member organisation) skin lymphoma resources, supplemented by text from LCE on relevant Europe-wide issues.

The guide was then translated from its original English language version into 30 major European national languages, which were provided to Lymphoma Coalition member organisations in April 2019 for their own use and adaptation. Those 31 versions are now available online and can be used by patient organisations to provide information and education to those affected by cutaneous lymphoma. All we ask is that, however it is used, please keep the copyright and permissions information on page 1 included with all versions or adaptations of the guide.

We welcome feedback on the source content and translated versions.

Cutaneous Lymphoma – A Patient’s Guide

Available Languages

Albanian   |  PDF 

Bosnian   |  PDF 

Bulgarian  |  PDF 

Croatian  |  PDF 

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Italian  |  PDF 

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