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Community Advisory Board

Community Advisory Boards (CABs) are groups of patient advocates and expert patients/carers who use their professional and/or personal knowledge and expertise to discuss and advise on the latest developments, challenges and issues related to medical treatments and procedures under development in their disease area.  

This is an important initiative for LCE and for people affected by lymphoma (including chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL)). A Lymphoma CAB offers the following opportunities:  

  • Influence the research and development pipeline for lymphoma (including CLL) treatments so that it better meets the needs of patients.  
  • Increase access to, and reimbursement of, lymphoma (including CLL) treatments and procedures. 
  • Create a louder voice for the lymphoma and CLL patient community.  
  • Recruit, train and support more patient advocates and experts to work within individual countries as well as regionally and globally.  

The members of the CAB provide their expert advice and insight in a neutral, objective and critically constructive manner, with the CAB operating on an ongoing basis from year to year.  

CAB members are supported with an effective learning programme and training resources. 

The CAB is funded by external stakeholders (e.g., industry, academia, etc.) that are interested in seeking the expert advice, insight and consultancy that the CAB members can provide.  

For more information on CABs, please contact Natacha Bolaños, Head, Membership & Alliances.