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Financials & Support

Lymphoma Coalition was incorporated as a not for profit organisation in Canada in 2010, corporation number 756514-3.  If you would like more information, please contact us.

Lymphoma Coalition is formally audited each year, in adherence to corporate by-laws, and the audited statements are presented to and approved by members at the Annual General Meeting.  Below are the most recent audited statements, as well as a corresponding impact report.

Lymphoma Coalition Europe Funding

Lymphoma Coalition Europe (LCE) was 100% funded by pharmaceutical companies in Fiscal Year 2021 and 2022 and received sponsorship from six (6) companies:

  • BMS (€100,000 – 34% of total funding)
  • Establishment Labs
  • Kyowa Kirin
  • Novartis
  • Roche
  • Takeda

None of these companies funded 50% or more of LCE’s funding.

Lymphoma Coalition policies and procedures about how we work with industry were followed, which can be read below.

More information is available on LCE activities in the Year in Review reports.

FY23 Year in Review

Lymphoma Coalition has recently released the FY23 Year in Review which provides a detailed overview of the practical projects and collaborative efforts we undertook in FY23. From research advancements to awareness initiatives, it encapsulates the efforts of our global community throughout the fiscal year.

Lymphoma Coalition Supporters

We are grateful to our sponsors for their caring and support, for without them giving back to the lymphoma community, we would not be able to work towards our mission and vision.

Our supporters play a key role in the work LC undertakes. Through their support, LC is able to:

  • Share best practices among its members;
  • Provide consistent as well as reliable current information including statistics on the different lymphomas including chronic lymphocytic leukaemia;
  • As a larger community of lymphoma patient organisations, raise awareness about lymphomas through activities such as World Lymphoma Awareness Day and the Global Patient Survey;
  • Capacity building support for member organisations.

Sponsorship Benefit

Be a part of a global voice supporting patients with lymphoma worldwide.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Lorna Warwick, Chief Executive Officer.