Credible Resources on COVID-19


World Global Cancer Coalitions/Alliances Joint Covid-19 Statement

In response to the global pandemic, Lymphoma Coalition collaborated with 7 other global cancer coalitions and alliances in order to jointly call for a plan of action to ensure that we regain ground that has been lost as a result of COVID-19 and protect cancer services and patients.


Guidance for Treating Patients


Patient Organisation Support

Australia: Lymphoma Australia

Brazil: ABRALE

Canada: Lymphoma Canada

France: France Lymphome Espoir

Ireland: Irish Cancer Society

Japan: Group Nexus

Netherlands: Hematon

New Zealand: Leukaemia & Blood Cancer NZ

Portugal: Associação Portuguesa de Leucemias e Linfomas

Serbia: LIPA Lymphoma Patients Association

Sweden: Blodcancerförbundet

UK: Lymphoma Action

USA: CancerCare

USA: CLL Society

USA: Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation

USA: Lymphoma Research Foundation




Psychosocial Support

  • NCCNsuggestions for self-care and stress management during the pandemic (While intended for doctors, the recommendations are good for anyone during this time of physical distancing and emotional upheaval.)
  • NCCN - self-care and distress management for patients and carers


Support for Patient Organisations

  • House086 - advice for patient groups from China
  • Gotomeeting - offers Free Emergency Remote Work Kits (for 90 days) for Health Care Providers, Educational Institutions, Municipalities & Non-Profit Organizations. These kits will include solutions for meetings and video conferencing, webinars and virtual events


Clinical Trials

  • European Medicines Agency (EMA) - advice on clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure any trials are safe for patients and the data produced is valid
  • EMA - warnings about falsified or fake medicines circulating that claim to treat or prevent COVID-19


Clinical Guidance


Global Database

Information by country, region and/or subtype on treatments, clinical trials and incidence/mortality rates.

Resource Library

Over 2,000 pieces of information on lymphoma diagnosis, treatment, research, support and lifestyle.

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