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International Lymphoma Patient Charter

The International Lymphoma Patient Charter was created by the Lymphoma Coalition to ensure that the one million people living with a lymphoma worldwide have access to the best available care, information and support. The number of lymphoma cases is increasing rapidly and there is a critical need for patients to be better informed about this cancer. It is our aim to help patients and their families all over the world get the necessary information to take an active role in the management of their lymphoma and gain a better awareness of what they can expect from their treatment and care.

The Charter states that all lymphoma patients are entitled to:

  • Timely investigation and accurate diagnosis by medical experts with a speciality in blood diseases
    • Have access to optimal treatment, based on accurate diagnosis, stage and current evidence-based medicine
    • Regular follow-up care and close monitoring (because lymphoma can recur)
    • Be provided with all necessary information regarding their diagnosis, treatment and overall cancer management
    • Be informed of all available support systems, including patient support tools and patient organisations

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The Charter was originally developed in December 2005, the Lymphoma Coalition convened a meeting of leading lymphoma experts from diverse geographic regions at the 47th American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference. This group discussed the issues surrounding lymphoma and outlined the universal standards of care that patients should expect, with the goal of enabling patients to become active, informed and empowered participants at every stage of their treatment. All parties noted that the current situation could be improved if those involved in the care and treatment of patients adopted the principals outlined in the Charter on a global scale.

The working committee consisted of 6 international lymphoma medical representatives and 8 representatives of the Lymphoma Coalition.

We are grateful to the following individuals for the time they dedicated to developing the original Charter.

Lymphoma Medical Representatives at the time of development:

  • Professor Bertrand Coiffier, Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud, France
  • Professor Gilles Salles, Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud, France
  • Professor Laurie Sehn, British Columbia Cancer Agency, Canada
  • Professor Jacques Tabacof, Centro Paulista de Oncologia, Brazil
  • Professor Marek Trerny, Charles University General Hospital, Prague
  • Professor Max Wolf, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia

Lymphoma Coalition Representatives at the time of development:

  • Sue Bliss, Lymphoma Research Foundation, United States
  • Melanie Burfitt, Lymphoma Association, United Kingdom
  • Pru Etcheverry, Leukaemia and Blood Foundation of New Zealand
  • Ambrose Heaney, Lymphoma Support Ireland
  • Dr Ulrike Holtkamp & Anita Waldmann, Deutsche Leukamie & Lymphom-Hilfe, Germany
  • Dr Maurizio Martelli, Associazione Italiana Contro Le Leucemie-Linfomi e Mieloma, Italy
  • Karen Van Rassel, Lymphoma Foundation Canada